Testcribe has many features to improve the user experience.

Some features under the Management tab;

  • Devices module; you can view all devices on the Testcribe platform, access device information or make device reservations.

  • Applications module; you can upload your application files and use them in your automation or manual tests.

  • Reports module; you can follow the test run reports and share the reports if you wish.

  • Reservation module; you can book the devices you need days in advance according to your test plan and manage your current reservations.

  • Organization module; you can use Testcribe with your teammates in the organizational structure you will create, without the need to purchase additional packages, and make different ability adjustments according to predefined roles.

  • New Device Request module; you can submit your new device requests, such as different brands, models, or android / ios versions, apart from the devices on the Testcribe Platform.

  • Support Center module; you can create your support, information or feedback.

  • In the FAQ section, you can browse the explanations for frequently asked questions.


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